Undergraduate Program in Anthropology

Undergraduate Program Office
380 MFAC - Ellicott Complex
Buffalo, NY 14261-0026

Phone: (716) 645-2415
Fax: (716) 645-3808

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Vasiliki Neofotistos

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Beth Wallace

The undergraduate program in Anthropology offers a B.A. degree, as well as a minor. It includes the subfields of Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology and a Pre-medical/Pre-dental Concentration. Students may specialize in one of these sub-disciplines. For more information, look here.

Summer 2013 Course Offerings

Fall 2013 Course Offerings


Congratulations to 2013 Award Winners in the Department of Anthropology!

Undergraduate student Kelsey Clark has been named a CAS Dean's Outstanding Senior!

Undergraduate student Jayne O'Connor is the 2013 recipient of the Lucia Maria Houpt Award for Outstanding Senior in Anthropology!

Undergraduate student Alexandra Balmer is the 2013 recipient of the Marion Dickson Scholarship for Outstanding Junior in Anthropology!

There are three winners for this year's Undergraduate Professional Activities and Achievements Award:

* Yasmine El-Gohary

* Daniel Rosen

* Kai Wasson

The 2013 Department Leadership Award winner is Daniel Rosen!

Three undergraduate students will be graduating with honors this Spring 2013:

* Jayne O'Connor, who completed a project entitled, "The Fact in the Fiction:  An Examination of Perception vs. Reality in the field of Forensic Anthropology, and the ‘CSI Effect.’"

* Daniel Rosen, who completed a project entitled, "Class Acts: Middle Class Students and Gender in Film and Anthropology."

* Kai Wasson, who completed a project entitled, "Veneration and Vitrio -- American Empire and the Conundrum of the Yasukuni Shrine."

Undergraduate student Alesia King was given the" Distinguished award for excellence in research, creativity, and scholarship" at the Celebration of Academic Excellence, for her poster, “Dental Variation in Archaic Native Americans from the Ohio Region and Migration Evidence"

Undergraduate student Kai Wasson has won the 2013 Hildegarde F. Shinners Prize (from Phi Beta Kappa chapter at UB) for "an essay . . . [that is] a critical treatment of a significant problem, theory, book, poem, or other appropriate topic" for his superb honors essay on "Veneration and Vitriol: American Empire and the Conundrum of Yaksukuni Shrine." Great work, Kai!