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Forms for use by Departmental Faculty or Staff

UB DARS Individual Change Form - This form is used by departmental personnel only to waive or substitute courses/requirements for an individual student's UB DARS Report.


  • When a student takes a cross-listed APY course, but is registered for it under a department other than Anthropology
  • When a course has been petitioned and approved to satisfy a departmental requirement
  • When an APY major uses a course other than APY 494 to satisfy their Senior Seminar requirement
  • To indicate what course the student has chosen to satisfy the Practicum requirement.

The Undergraduate secretary must address the "MAJOR section" of this form, indicating: the UB course or Requirement; where the course was taken; the semester/year it was taken; and the name/number of the course. (Examples: APY 106, 107, 108; Area Studies; Theoretical/Problem Oriented; Senior Seminar; Practicum; or an Elective)

Note: If the student is a Minor, this form is not needed. However, if a Minor later applies to become a Major in full status, this form becomes applicable. It would be used for any of the courses the Minor had taken that would have warranted this form had they been accepted as a Major at the start of their program of study in the Department of Anthropology.

Universal Grade Change Form - This form is for the use of faculty only. UB mandates that the only acceptable reason for a grade change is that student's academic record indicates that the submitted grade had been inaccurately recorded because of clerical error.

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Teaching Resources For Faculty - The Teaching & Learning Center provides opportunities for faculty to enhance their excellence as teachers by disseminating knowledge, through workshops, speakers, programs, discussion groups, and consultations, about the teaching and learning process, about skills and methods to enhance teaching and learning, and about how to utilize effectively and innovatively the latest developments in information technology and media to enrich course content and presentation and enhance student's educational experience.

United University Professionals - union representing academic and professional employees of the State University of New York.

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CASet - provides information and educational technology support to the departments and centers of the College of Arts & Sciences.

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Help Desk - serves as the primary resource of centralized computer assistance for University at Buffalo faculty, students, and staff. They are dedicated to offering you any technical support you may need, and have developed a wide variety of online resources.

UBFS - The UB File System (UBFS) is a centrally located disk resource that is accessible from wherever you connect. UB faculty, staff, and students have 15 MB of personal storage available for them in the UBFS disk area. This storage space is a convenient resource for storing your electronic files without having to juggle floppy disks or transfer files amongst computers or accounts. Your UBFS area is accessed as if it was just another hard disk drive on the computer you're using.