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Anthropology Department


Anthropology Departmental Library – houses an extensive, non-circulating collection

of mostly anthropological books and journals.

Department Student Theses Database – provides access to information about

all UB Anthropology graduate student theses currently available in the

departmental library.


Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA)
– The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology, or IEMA, is a Signature Center of Excellence within the College of Arts and Sciences, University at Buffalo, State University of New York. It was created in 2006 by an interdisciplinary faculty, drawn from departments across the university.
IEMA with its departments of anthropology and classics is housed in the Ellicott Complex at UB North Campus which can be see on our homepage in the background (foreground outdoor Greek-style amphitheater at Baird Point which is located on the southern shore of Lake LaSalle at UB North Campus).

Chronika – A publication by IEMA graduate students for graduate students in anthropology, classics and visual studies.  This publication presents an opportunity for IEMA graduate students to publish short pieces on research they are conducting, as well as conferences, workshops and other activities they have attended relevant to the pursuit of European and Mediterranean archaeology.

UB Archaeological Survey

A not-for-profit research, contracting and applied archaeology institution within the Department of Anthropology at the State University of New

York at Buffalo. It has been engaged in Cultural Resource Managment (CRM)

projects for over 30 years.

Physical Anthropology

Program in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior (EEB) –
Students interested in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior can enroll in one of three graduate programs, leading to a Ph.D. degree, Master of Science degree and a Certificate. The Ph.D. and Masters programs are interdisciplinary degree programs that are administered directly by the College of Arts and Sciences. They are not part of a traditional department. The certificate is designed for students who are pursuing a graduate degree in a traditional departmental setting and who wish formal recognition of additional supplementary preparation in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior.

Primate Skeletal Collection – This large collection consists of hundreds of complete macaque monkey skeletons that are available for research projects.

Macaque Fetal Collection – This unique collection consists of over 200, known-aged macaque fetuses along with their associated radiographs.

Geographic Information


Anthropology GIS Laboratory – A research group dealing with GIS

(Geographic Information Systems) as applied to archaeological and anthropological problems. This is an interdisciplinary group involved in researching

simulation models, settlement patterns, and the spatial distribution

of literacy and disability.

Marian E. White

Anthropology Research Museum

Marian E. White Anthropology Research Museum – houses collections of North

American archaeology including ceramics, lithic (stone) and bone artifacts,

in addition to a modest collection of ethnographic and biological materials.

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