Jaume Franquesa

Jaume Franquesa

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Universitat de Barcelona, 2006

Office: 375 MFAC

Research Interests

Spain, Southern Europe, economic anthropology, urban anthropology, tourism and heritage, urban renewal and gentrification, wind farms and the political economy of alternative energy.

Selected Publications


2011. ‘We’ve lost our bearings’: tourism, place, and the limits of the mobility turn. Antipode. A Radical Journal of Geography 43(4): 1012-1033. 

2007. Vaciar y llenar, o la lógica espacial de la neoliberalización [Emptying out and filling in: the spatial logic of neoliberalization]. REIS: Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 118: 123-149.

2007. Une valeur foncière d’avenir: l’identité. Le cas du centre historique de Palma (Mallorca, Espagne) [Identity and real estate value. The case of the historic centre of Palma (Majorca, Spain)]. L’homme et la societé 165-166: 45-64.

2005. Heritage Deviations in relation to Town Planning in Ciutat de Mallorca. Journal of Mediterranean Studies 15(2): 427-461(with Marc Morell).


2011. Playing snakes and ladders in Ciutat de Mallorca. An ethnographic approach to the production of the neighbourhood scale. Contested Mediterranean Spaces: Ethnographic essays in honour of Charles Tilly, edited by M Kousis, AT Selwyin and D Clark. New York: Berghahn Books, 231-261 (with Marc Morell).

2010. Sa Calatrava Mon Amour. Etnografia d’un barri atrapat en la geografia del capital [Sa Calatrava Mon Amour. Ethnography of a neighbourhood trapped in the geography of capital]. Palma (Spain): Documenta Balear.

2010. Opinólogos, voceros, locales y asustados. Sobre las tímidas relaciones entre antropología y gentrificación [Opinologists, spokespeople, and locals: On the uneasy relationship between ethnography and gentrification]. La cuestión del centro, el centro en cuestión, edited by S Martínez Rigol. Lleida (Spain): Milenio, 59-70.

2009. La calma i el canvi. Anàlisi de la construcció literària de la Ciutat de Mallorca a través dels relats de viatgers, 1840-1930 [Transformation and change: Travellers and the literary construction of Ciutat de Majorca, 1840-1930]. Llegint pedres, escrivint ciutats, edited by C Carreras and S Moreno. Lleida (Spain]: Pagès editors, 63-96.

2008. ¿Es turismo cultural todo aquello que reluce? Sobre aquellos objetivos ni turísticos ni culturales del turismo cultural [On the non-cultural and non-tourist purposes of cultural tourism]. Turismo, cultura y desarrollo, edited by Á  Espina Barrio. Salamanca (Spain): Diputación de Salamanca, 103-119.

2007. Transversal indicators and heritage observatories of heritage tourism. Cultural tourism: Global and local perspectives, edited by G.Richards. New York: Haworth University Press, 169-194 (with Marc A. Morell).

2007. Los límites del barrio. Sobre la pertinencia del barrio como unidad de observación y anàlisis [The limits of the neighbourhood. On the pertinence of the neighbourhood as a unit of analysis and observation] Intersecções ibéricas: Margens, passagens e fronteiras, edited by M da Cunha and L Cunha. Lisboa: Editora 90°, 347-378.

Undergraduate Courses Offered

APY 106 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

APY 474 Urban Anthropology

Graduate Courses Offered

None at this time

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