Christine R. Duggleby

Christine Duggleby

Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1970
Office: Spaulding Bldg 6, Room 161
Phone: (716) 645-0427

Research Interests

Physical anthropology, population biology, genetics, evolutionary theory

Selected Publications

Blood-Group Genetic Studies in the Cayo Santiago Colony, 1972-Present, with P. A. Haseley, R. Rawlins, and M. Kessler, in Cayo Santiago Macaques: Biology and Behavior, ed. R. Rawlins and M. J. Kessler (Albany: SUNY Press, 1985).

Interlineage Genetic Differentiation Among Rhesus Macaques on Cayo Santiago, with C. McMillan, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 56: 305-312.

Blood-Group Antigens and the Population Genetics of Macaca Mulatta on Cayo Santiago. I. Genetic Differentiation of Social Groups, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 48 (1978): 35- 40.

Undergraduate Courses Offered

APY 448-DUG | Human Genetics: Legal and Ethical Issues
APY 248-DUG | Human Genetics
APY 443-DUG | Advanced Physical Anthropology

Graduate Courses Offered

APY 548-DUG | Human Genetics: Legal and Ethical Issues
APY 651-DUG | Graduate Survey of Physical Anthropology
APY 594-DUG | Advanced Physical Anthropology