Support the Department

Please on the following links to donate to the various department funds. Clicking on these links will take you to secure UB Anthropology Department support pages.

Anthropology Department Resource Fund

The Resource Fund is instrumental in supporting all functions of the Department of Anthropology, from purchases of specialized instruction materials and making improvements in offices and public spaces, to funding visits from renowned scholars and providing assistance for our students to travel to important academic conferences. This fund in particular helps the Department of Anthropology run smoothly and offer more programs and opportunities that our regular budget simply cannot provide. Funds donated to the Department Resource Fund may also be earmarked for specific ventures; email Sara Eddleman or call (716) 645-3960 if you would like to make a directed donation via this fund.

Anthropology Department Award Fund

The Departmental Award Fund administers several awards for undergraduate and graduate students, including the Undergraduate Leadership Award, the Undergraduate Professional Activities and Achievement in Anthropology Scholarship Award, and the Michael Matsumunyane Graduate Travel Award.

Anthropology Department Hal C. Foss Library Fund

Anthropology Department Justin Van Ness Scholarship Fund

This award goes to a graduating senior with a documented interest in the environment.

Anthropology Department Marion Dickson Scholarship Fund

Anthropology Department Marion E. White Graduate Student Emergency Loan Fund

Anthropology Department Research Museum Fund

Anthropology Department Raoul Naroll Research Fund