Faculty of the Department of Anthropology

Spring 2015 Faculty Office Hours [in .pdf format]

Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

Associate Professor
Office: 363 MFAC

Phone: (716) 645-3241

Email: anab@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Medical anthropology; anthropology of religion; social theory; post-structural theory; narratives and practices of health and illness; ethnomedicine; anthropology of the body; phenomenology; death and dying; self and personhood; body politics; shamanism and the nature of the postcolony; indigenous knowledge; experts and non-experts; ritual memory; power and authority; gender and sexuality; the late modern world viewed from the fourth world; materiality and fetishism; historicity; social memory and indigenous histories; indigenous Latin America; Mapuche.

David J. Banks

Office: 177 and 174 Spaulding
Phone: (716) 645-0421

Email: dbanks@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Social anthropology; kinship; culture; historical methods; contemporary social change; Southeast Asia, Malaya.

Warren Barbour

Associate Professor

Office: 278 Spaulding, Bldg 5
Phone: (716) 645-0423
Email: barbour@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Prehistory; comparative early civilizations; historical archaeology; Mesoamerica.

Carol M. Berman


Office: 165 Spaulding, Bldg 6
Phone: (716) 645-0429
Email: cberman@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Primate behavior; primate social development; animal behavior; evolution of behavior; ethological methods.

Peter F. Biehl

Department Chair

Office: 380 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-0402
Email: pbiehl@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Archaeology of Europe and the Near East; Climate Change in the Past and Present; Method and Theory; Social Meaning of Visual Imagery and Representation; Art, Symbolism and Religion; Digital Humanities; Museum Studies and Management; Cultural Heritage.

T J Chevral  (T L Thurston)

Office: 363 Richmond, Bldg 4
Phone: (716) 645-0408
Email: tt27@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Archaeological theory; complex societies; colonialism; ethnicity and identity; conflict and conflict resolution; political ecology; pastoralism; agricultural intensification; landscape archaeology; regional analysis; ethnohistory; archaeological chemistry; European archaeology; Iron Age, Medieval, and Early Modern Scandinavia and Ireland.


Christine R. Duggleby

Associate Professor
Office: 161 Spaulding, Bldg 6
Phone: (716) 645-0427
Email: duggleby@buffalo.edu

On leave for the Fall 2013 semester.

Research Interests: Physical anthropology; population biology; genetics; evolutionary theory.

Jaume Franquesa

Assistant Professor
Office: 375 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-0404
Email: jaume@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Economic anthropology; urban anthropology; anthropology of energy, tourism and cultural heritage; urban renewal and gentrification; wind farms and the political economy of alternative energy; Spain, Southern Europe.

Frederick Klaits

Assistant Professor
Office: 376 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-6388
Email: fklaits@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Care in social practice and political theory; Religion and healing; Self and other in religious practice; Humanitarianism; United States, southern Africa.

Stephen Lycett

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Cambridge 2006

Office: MFAC-377 Ellicott Complex
Phone: 716-645-8969
Email: sjlycett@buffalo.edu

Research Interests
Evolutionary Anthropology; Physical Anthropology; Cultural Transmission; Human Evolution; Social Learning; Lithic Analysis; Experiments

Sarunas Milisauskas

Office: 467 Richmond, Bldg 4
Phone: (716) 645-0412
Email: smilis@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Old World archaeology; European prehistory; Neolithic; Bronze Age.

Vasiliki Neofotistos

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor
Office: 370 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-0405
Email: neofotis@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Political anthropology; violence; the anthropology of war and peace.

Douglas Perrelli

Director of Archaeological Survey

Adjunct Professor
Office: 262 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-2297
Email: perrelli@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Lithic Analysis; Iroquoian Studies; Gender Archaeology; Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation; Northeastern North America.

Donald Pollock

Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor
Office: 372 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-3080
Email: dpollock@buffalo.edu

Current research interests fall into two broad topics: the culture of contemporary medicine (including the social history of physician autobiography, the culture of tertiary care medicine, and health disparities); and traditional healing, shamanism, and personhood in Amazonian communities.

Deborah Reed-Danahay

Office: 377 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-0406
Email: der5@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Political anthropology, citizenship, immigration, personal narrative, autoethnography, education and youth, social theory, and history of anthropology. Europe and the United States.

Professor Reed-Danahay is founding Director of the Center for European Studies (CEUS) at UB.

Joyce E. Sirianni

Distinguished Teaching Professor
Office: 134 Spaulding, Bldg 6
Phone: (716) 645-0425
Email: jsiriann@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Physical anthropology; craniofacial growth and development; physical anthropology; dental anthropology.

Phillip Stevens Jr.

Associate Professor
Office: 171 Spaulding, Bldg 3
Phone: (716) 645-0416
Email: pstevens@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Cultural anthropology; religion; cultural change; West Africa, Caribbean.

Barbara Tedlock

Office: 362 MFAC
Phone: (716) 645-0399
Email: tedlockb@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Psychological and cognitive anthropology; anthropology of art and aesthetics; ethnomedicine; shamanism; American Southwest and Mesoamerica.

Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Cambridge, 2008
M.Sc. University College London, 2003
Office: 166 Spaulding
Phone: (716) 645-0430
Email: noreenvo@buffalo.edu

Webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/nvoncramon/

Research Interests: Biological Anthropology, Human Evolution, Evolutionary Morphology, Modern Human Variation, Craniometrics, Geometric Morphometrics.

Associate Editor for the Journal of Human Evolution

Ezra B. Zubrow


Office: 466 Richmond, Bldg 4
Phone: (716) 645-0411
Email: zubrow@buffalo.edu

Research Interests: Anthropological and Archaeological theory and method; social policy of heritage and disability; Nordic archaeology; ecology; simulation methods; demography; marginal cultural areas; Finland, Norway, England, Northeast.

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